Comparing Airlines

They have just launched a fully updated version of Allergic Living’s popular “Comparing Airlines” chart.

The new chart features the complete food and pet allergy policies of 11 airlines, including additions such as Delta’s new peanut policy and Air Canada’s requirements to provide an allergy “buffer zone”. Also now included: information on the airlines offering gluten-free meals.

I personally like Southwest

I personally like Southwest Airlines policy. They pass along a great deal of the responsibility to the passenger....

we offer peanuts; if it is a problem bring your own snacks,

there may be peanut residue from previous flights; if it’s an issue we will let you board early and wipe down the seats yourself,

the passenger can fill out the paper work and be responsible for providing it to the proper individuals

I think it is thoughtful for airlines to make accommodations for special requests, but passengers really need to take on the responsibility for their own individual needs.

I remember when passengers were permitted to smoke on the plane. Barf!

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