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'I've had a 2 capsulotomies(I had breast implants done by a different surgeon 8 years ago), a breast lift and liposuction done by Dr. Turner and I would definitely recommend him. I have never had to wait long for my appointments for him and he takes time to answer all my questions honestly. He did a great job on my breast lift, they look even better than I expected. I need a touch up on one of my legs where I had liposuction which he is doing for free. I wanted more liposuction done and he advised against it. I think he is the best plastic surgeon in Winnipeg. I have also seen Dr. Ziesmann for my initial breast augmentation and I wouldn't send my worst enemy to him, he's a ****. Dr. Turner fixed the mess he made of my breasts. If you are considering any kind of breast surgery I would definitely go to Dr. Turner, he is the only one I will see in this city.'
Can you tell me how your surgery went & I am having a redo of going down in size & also a lift at the same time.. can you tell me how it went for you ? thx! may I ask you what size you went to & how did your lift heal? very concerned about the scars around the aerola & going down:(???