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'I am scheduled for breast augmentation surgery soon and so far I have had a great experience with Dr Toy and his staff. He is very personable and helpful. I cannot wait for my surgery. I only have one concern, I did have to quit smoking for my surgery, I did quit for the recomended 4 weeks prior, but I am wondering if a nicotine test will be done the day of surgery, I am worried nicotine will still show up as i do live with a smoker, anyone know if Dr. Toy performs this type of test...'
I had an augment done with a different ps in Edmonton and smoke and he never made me quit for my surgery so I'm thinking that you saying you have quit would be good enough! Do you mind saying what size and style of implant you are getting? Just curious!!

Was just curious to see if

Was just curious to see if you had augment yet? How are your results? Have mine booked for july 9, and would luv to hear from you!!

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