Rating Feedback for Dr. Taras (1626978)

The rating:
'This guy is emotionally labile. Talks a mile a minute, rattling off treatments and procedures and brings things up that leave you scratching your head, mentally. When you stop to question his judgement...standby, things get ugly fast. He gets nasty and seems insecure if you show a bit of hesitancy about some procedure that you don't think is relevant. He took personal shots at me and my husband, and his bedside manner got unprofessional and aggressive. I honestly should have listened to that voice in my head which was telling me to jump off the table and get out of there. I don't get all the fan fare with this guy. He reminds me of a used car salesman. Trust.'
Sorry you feel this way. In reading other responders and comparing their notes to yours, I almost felt like you had accidentally posted comments here meant for someone else. None the less, my apologies if you felt this way.