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'UNETHICAL DR. BACKSTEIN: i went to see him for liposuction and he suggested that he could correct abnormal pectorial area by adding fat from my love handles, i agreed and that was my worst mistake in my life. 6 Weeks after the surgery i noticed that the area where he added fat was hard, very hard and sticking outwards, so i went to him and he said keep rubbing them and it will disolve, well its been more that 6 years and the hard lumps are permanent now. I went to see dr. backstein 2 years ago and he said basically to leave and he can't help me, if i wanted his help then i would have to pay another $3000. He has a signed document that protects him from issues like this as per my lawyers advise i can't do anything but to warn others that if you could see what he has done to me you would never hire him, NEVER'
While we are sorry for this patient's distress regarding surgical results, he/she is not a patient in Dr. Backstein's practice. This case was not performed by Dr. Backstein, and in fact Dr. Backstein does not and has never performed liposuction with fat transfer surgery.
Furthermore, the comment does not describe Dr. Backstein's revision policy accurately at all. As the patient states the procedure was performed more than 6 years ago, we urge him/her to review their records and re-post the comment on the appropriate doctor's rating page.

After a thorough search of

After a thorough search of all surgical cases performed by myself over the past 10 years, no case as described in this comment has ever been performed in my practice.

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