Strange feelings in my pelvic area

Hello, my name is Crystal, and I am 25 year old virgin. Three days ago, while sitting, I started to feel a strong twitching feeling in my right pelvic area. It happened very quickly and only once in a while. I noticed it would happen mostly when I was sitting. It had gone on for about a day, so I went to the hospital. They did a pee test for a UTI and it came back negative. The doctors felt around my stomach and at the time I didn't have any pain, so they told me I seemed to be fine and maybe it was just muscle spasms. The twitching stopped today, but now I am having a small amount of pain in that area as well as above it in my abdomen. It has also caused me to have to pee frequently, but that became better over time. I also noticed my stool seems darker than usual, not black, but a dark brown. I've just started taking a multi-vitamin, women's one a day, and read that it could cause stool to change color. so not sure if that might be why it dark in color and maybe it is unrelated to my stomach feelings.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is because tonight as I laid down, I noticed the pain on my right side and it is keeping me awake worrying about it. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Or know what it could possibly be?

Crystal, Think your best bet

Think your best bet is to get on the net and start investigating pelvic pain BUT BE CAREFUL: New studies showed medical students coming down with the diseases they were specifically asked to investigate - the power of suggestion is just that: Powerful. That is, unless you want to go to and seek the best alternative. I've had four children but remember before I did frequently having pain in the right pelvic area. The doctors may be correct that it is a muscle spasm but it could be a variety of other things, from swollen ovaries to swollen blood vessels (sitting for long periods can initiate this). Often there is not much to be done but wait it out and try to discover what brings it on but I can tell you one thing: Recent studies have proven that vitamins do more harm than good & I discovered the truth of this the hard way, a long time ago. No - there is no magic pill (vitamin pill). YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT (to a great extent) and You Need to Get the Nutrients You Need From the FOOD you put in Your Mouth - not the vitamin pills. The darker stools quite possibly are caused by ferrous sulphide (iron) in the Vitamin pill you started on and the discoloration is possibly because many people have a terrible time assimilating synthetic iron. I say: Get off it; eat properly: Meat IN MODERATION (thanking God and the animal for it - it is a gift to be savoured - not pigged out on!) - not processed or "deli" meat but real meat you cook yourself (or do without it),potatoes, green and colored vegt., fruit, grains, nuts. Do not mix vegts., (keep it simple - no, peas & carrots do not digest well together, etc.) or fruits (apples & bananas or fruit salad, for example - one fruit at a time with at least 2 hours between different fruits, never put cream or milk in coffee - sugar is fine - never use artificial sweetners - they're toxic, especially to the brain, never eat wheat and citrus fruit together, etc. All new foods, herbs, etc., in moderation. And yes, break the rules once in a while! (The food rules, that is.) Have a hot dog. Have a cheese burger or two. But take it easy. Hope I have helped, child. Best to you.

Could you have have been

Could you have have been ovulating?

If the pain doesn't go away, then see your doctor.

Good Advice. Also, young

Good Advice. Also, young women who are still virgins, can experience Endometriosis due to the Hymen still being closed if a Virgin has heavy periods. Are your periods heavy? If so, that is one symptom, that can cause the pain you experience. When my son was four months old, my right side hurt, especially when I sat down. It was as if I was constipated, but I wasn't. My pain got so severe after three weeks, I made my husband take me to the Army Hospital as we were living in Japan at the time and lived near a Navy Base, as he was in the Navy, but the Base only had a Clinic. Once there, they thought I had appendicitis, but when they opened me up discovered my appendix was fine, but I had a Cyst the size of an Orange that had started to hemmhorrage (SP)(don't have my medical dictionary handy), and when I was awakend from surgery I learned once I was opened and my appendix was fine, the Surgeon, who was the Head of the Surgery Department and was treating so many Viet Nam Vets at the time, covered me up and called for the OB/GYN doc on call, and they removed my appendix since they were "in the area" and had to remove my right tube and ovary as well. At first they thought I might have an ectopic pregnancy, but it was the other problem. It can be any number of things. Ask your doctor for a CA-125 blood test, which is an indicator, NOT a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. Better to be safe than sorry, and with abdominal ultra-sounds, they should be able to see some anomolies, along with more blood tests if it continues or gets worse. Good Luck and hopefully, its just a muscle spasm.

You have received some good

You have received some good advice. Innocent My guess is that you are having spasms and agree with the possibility of ovulation (which usually occurs mid cycle). I have experienced what you have on both sides. If you are wearing tight jeans, change to something looser. It is always good to seek the advice of a doctor to ease your stress or you can choose to monitor your symptoms by journaling them for a couple of months. If you see a doctor and the suspected diagnosis is serious, always get a second opinion and do your homework. I am a doctor's daughter so I know about research and asking the correct questions. Around ovulation, I have cysts that grow on my ovaries due to the change in my hormones. They are not uncommon for women to have these. I am 48 years old and have always had heavy, week long periods with short cycling (every 3 to 3.5 weeks) but luckily they have been pain free. Most doctors would advise a hysterectomy (the most common surgery for women) or uterine ablation (burning the inside layer of the uterus so your periods lighten) if you no longer plan on having children and to help with anemia however I have chosen to accept this nuisance and not mess with nature due to possible other side effects, complications or risks involved. My point is to decide what is best for you. You are responsible for your body. You will get advice but if it involves surgery (which has risks) and is not for a life threatening condition, decide if you think it is worth the risks. Anything that involves the uterus, tubes and ovaries can affect whether or not you are able to have children in the future. Nature is not always fair but my confidence is with nature over a doctor whenever the condition is not life threatening. Just my 2 cents worth and from a mom of 4. Laughing out loud

Your children are lucky to

Your children are lucky to have such a wise mother. Smiling

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