Rating Feedback for Dr. Gray (1053122)

The rating:
'I saw three other derms in Vancouver before my GP referred me to Dr. Gray. I wish I had seen him from the beginning - Dr. Gray definitely knows his stuff. He's the first dermatologist I've ever seen who actually took the time to explain everything to me and he even wrote out a page of instructions telling me how to take care of my skin. After years of suffering with eczema my rashes went away in 3 weeks! I think the reason his patients have to wait so long to see him is because he's so thorough. I have a REALLY hard time believing the previous posts complaining about Dr. Gray and his receptionist - sounds to me like one patient with an axe to grind submitted a buch of fake "reviews" here. Caveat emptor.'
I'm glad that your experience was so positive, but I can assure you that my negative posting about the way he belittled me past the point of tears, and then continued belittling me, is not fake. He has zero compassion.