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'In my opinion, and experience with other doctors, she is one of the worst doctors I have aver seen. I really dislike her. She was rude, unhelpful and did not seem to care whether or not if I lived or died. In fact, it seemed as if she would rather see me suffer than help me. To this day, when I see her, I cannot look her in the eyes.'
Are you kidding??!! Did you mean to review someone else?
Dr. Dolly & her office staff are amazing!!! How many people walk away from their doctor's offices thinking, "I'm well taken care of!"

Yes, I think this person must

Yes, I think this person must have thought she/he was commenting on another doctor because as so many others have said, I've been with Dr. Dolly since she started here and I have NEVER known her to be anything but approachable, caring, patient & definitely very thorough. As the previous respondent said, I always enter & leave the office feeling well taken care of thanks to Dr. Dolly and the front office staff. I feel SO LUCKY and privileged to have her as my G.P.

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