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'Tracy has been my doctor for some time now and it has been a challenge to get her to see the issues with my health. Probably not any fault of her own as the 10 minute time slot for the appointments is hardly enough time where I am concerned. She has been helpful but I get the feeling she is not 100% doing her best where I am concerned. I have seen her change in the last few years and become more conscience of my health however she still needs to give a little more of herself to her patients. Doctors need to remember the reason they got into the field in the first place. Disease acts different in all patients. We are not all the same. Tests do not always show the truth of a person. Tracy is a good doctor and person but she can improve by becoming more involved with her patients. I do believe she has grown a great deal and will continue to do so. She has impressed me a great deal lately and I am hoping this is not just a phase and it will continue.'
Thank you for your posting. The doctor-patient relationship is one that I do not take lightly. A family physician has to maintain a level of trust and caring in the relationship without overstepping certain boundaries. This balance is at times difficult to maintain, especially in a small town and with patients who we get to know, and care about, over many years. There is a lot of excellent research and even some good blogs about the doctor-patient relationship that may give you some insight into why it may be dangerous to 'give more' of oneself in the role of a doctor. Another real risk is something called 'compassion fatigue' in which a person in a caring role risks becoming uncaring and 'numb'. We all must strike a balance between what we can give of ourselves while still attending to the needs of others, whether we're a doctor, a friend, or a family member. I'm sorry you feel that I have not achieved that balance. Being overly involved has the potential to be just as dangerous as being uninvolved. I hope it helps to hear the other perspective as to why we cannot always give more of ourselves. If you have further concerns, as always, I encourage a direct conversation; not just about the doctor-patient relationship, but about what you feel that I'm not addressing with your health. Sounds like we might not be communicating as effectively as we can. Sincerely, Dr. Forsberg

Thank-you for this insight.

Thank-you for this insight. Makes sense. BALANCE. I get that! Kathleen (AKA) Snaggler
By the way, I feel differently about your doctoring then I did when I wrote the first review. I would dislike being my doctor. That about sums it up. Smiling Smiling Thank-you for putting up with me!!

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