Rating Feedback for Dr. Nasseri (1719707)

The rating:
'The docs at that office are great, knowledgeable and helpful most of the time. But the front desk staffs are horrible to deal with at times! It is just frustrating talking to them. The doc told me to take folic acid 5mg, then I found out I need a prescription. The pharmacy told me to have the doc's office call them, they take phone orders. When I called them, the receptionist just said sorry can't help, we don't do phone orders, this is our policy. Another time, after I have my 1-hour glucose test, I didn't hear from them regarding the results. So I called to see if I have to do the 2-hour test that weekend. The receptionist is like, you have to make an appointment to discuss your test results with the doc, I am not the doc. First of all, the doc didn't mention that I have to book an appointment to find out the results. And none of my friends have to do so at other doc's office. I am not sure if it's their "office policy", but their staffs are unpleasant to deal with.'
Dont you realize the self serving "policies" are created by the doctors,not the poor people who work under them?? The "doctor" makes up these rules to make more money for herself, by milking useless appointments and getting paid for them . The only thing this "doctor" is knowledgable in is how to be a con artist.