What Makes A good Psychiatrist?

Quoted from from the website: http://mytherapy.com/discussion/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=299

1) He is NEVER judgemental...no matter how bizarre my behaviour, or how "unacceptable" I feel my behaviour has been...not once has he ever said I did something wrong.

2) He listens. Not the kind of listening where he is just waiting to tell me his perspective...but the deep listening that occurs even when I am silent and unable to speak. He waits, never interrupts, let's me find the time and the place to say what I need to say.

3) He never TELLS me what to do. He provides me with information, he makes suggestions and we talk about options, but in the end all the decisions are left to me. I feel autonomous and respected because of this. I also feel like he believes I am intelligent enough to make my own decisions. Also, I own the decisions I make. If they don't work...well then we discuss that and hopefully I will have learned something.

4) He is knowledgeable. Especially important to me as I have had depression that has been extraordinarily treatment resistant. I feel he is up on all the latest information and provides me with that info.

5) He is open to many kinds of treatments and therapies. I sense that his motto is do whatever helps, whatever works. While medication is a big part of getting well...it is not the only thing needed. I feel he isn't stuck in believing only in the biological aspects of mood disorders like some psychiatrists. He treats the whole person. He values therapy, believes alternative therapies like meditation and yoga can help alleviate some of the symptoms (like anxiety, irritability and difficulty sleeping), he understands that the body needs good food and exercise to help it get well and takes the time to discuss what this means. I feel he understands the need to make lifestyle changes as well...to address the psycho/social aspects of the depression for instance.

6) He genuinely cares about his patients. This is obvious in how he interacts with me, how he has made himself available, how he remembers the things I tell him, and just in the way he generally is when I am in my therapy sessions.