Rating Feedback for Dr. Horowitz (1713600)

The rating:
'beautiful tranquil spa like atmosphere. the staff was indifferent which suprised me for the rates they charge..well over a thousand dollars which you have to leave half down for a deposit before your first visit. he seemed more interested in how much you could afford to buy between the supplements (which they conviently sell there ) and the outrageous fees there. i felt foolish that i thought this was a dr. that might care about helping me, rather than getting me to spend spend spend. i won't return and instead have made an appointment with a dr. that another patient i met in the waiting room told me about with reasonable fees and no demands to purchase supplements at more expense than the treatment itself.'
I've never found the staff to be anything but caring. Never a hint of indifference. All top ILADS LLMD's have long wait lists and it helps to cut down on no shows by requesting half down.

As far as supplements go, if you tell them you can't afford them, they understand. No pressure. They've never "demanded" I buy anything.

LLMD's sell supplements so their patients can get them at one place instead of searching all over. Horowitz's supplement prices are no higher than you'll find on any internet site.