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'Run dont walk this doctor will hurt you. If interested just ask and i will tell the story'
I'd like to know more

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I would greatly appreciate

I would greatly appreciate your sharing your story with me. I flew from Chicago to Baltimore to have Dr. Mont do surgery on me. I am finding out it was more than I had expected I guess I can say right now.

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Hi. I am very interested in

Hi. I am very interested in your story. Please tell me about your experience.

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Thank You!

Hi Jennifer. We have

Hi Jennifer. We have something in common, I also live in Chicago and had a few surgeries with Dr. Mont in Baltimore. Would love to talk about it over personal email. I see that your msg was from the end of June. Are you feeling any better? Please drop me a line if you are interested in comparing notes. Thanks!

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hi, I am thinking for flying

hi, I am thinking for flying to see Dr. Mont for a procedure, would you please share with me your experience with him? i am hearing mixed reviews about him. thank you. my email

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