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'Not sure why there are such great reviews here - I never write these but need to warn others who might have hesitation. The staff seem very inexperienced compared to others in the field, and more like booking agents rather than knowledgable pre and post op. The office was very unprofessional for a cosmetic surgeon. I felt like I was at my GP's for a check-up. When I'm paying 8grand plus it better be top notch- not with a consultation in a 5 foot waiting room with enough room only for 2 chairs and the PS standing in front of me. This was my 3rd consult, for breast aug, Backstein did NOT take into consideration my measurements and offered advice counter to both other ps without fully explaining. he uses smooth (WHY?)high profile implants, I did go with my first consult PS, mod+ and still have a 3 finger gap, HP would have looked ridiculous. And I maxed out at 100cc lower than Backstein would have done. Still ended up with stretch marks. I can't help but think how bad it would have been.'
This patient would better serve the public by spending her time rating the surgeon WHO ACTUALLY PERFORMED the surgery that she is obviously dissatisfied with and not slamming DR. BACKSTEIN who DID NOT EVEN OPERATE ON HER.

Dr. Backstein should have received all 5/5 for simply being wise enough to avoid operating on this patient.

In response to that comment -

In response to that comment - I was rating my experience with the CONSULTATION and explaining my DECISION FOR NOT CHOOSING Dr. Backstein as my PS. The one I choose was excellent and the whole experience was significantly better. Some people choose surgeons based on ratemd's ratings - I am suggesting that a person does their research and compares cosmetic surgeons. There are many others with far more experience who give amazing results too. To those researching a breast aug please do yourself a favour if your are going to Dr. Backstein ask why he doesn't use textured implants, who he uses high profile for the majority and what your BWD measurement is. Then take what he says and do your own research online and with other surgeons. You will then understand the difference.

Actually Dr. Bakstein gave me

Actually Dr. Bakstein gave me very legit explanations about those issues and am booked for BA. Also based on your description of stretch marks and 3 finger gap, sounds like maybe your surgeon could have done a better job. ANyways good luck, not trying to make you feel bad and hope you're happy with your results and just found your rating odd and not helpful and harsh to a nice dr. who's only involvement was to give you a consultation and his best advise.

Hi there, I too think it is

Hi there,
I too think it is unfair that you are reviewing a surgeon who did not work on you. I am currently 2 days post op from breast augmentation with Dr. Backstein. I developed hematoma in my right breast within an hour or 2 after surgery. Dr. Backstein came to see me immediately and got me back into the o.r. within half an hour to have it drained and stop the bleeding. Many doctors will leave the hematoma to resolve on its own leaving you uncomfortable, swollen, and at increased risk for further complications. Dr. Backstein handled everything very well and all of the nurses that I had at humber river hospital said that he is known to be a great surgeon amongst staff. These nurses were in no way affiliated with Dr. Backstein and thus had no reason to be biased in their comments. I will post an official review when I am a few weeks post op; however, so far I highly recommend Dr. Backstein if you are considering breast augmentation. To the person who posted the negative review I disagree with your rating and although I found his staff to be off putting during my initial consultation I decided to make my decision for surgery based on the surgeon and not his employees. Further to that, as time went on I found Suzy to be very helpful and kind. I felt bad about judging her so quickly. She may have a strong personality, but she does her job very effectively.

What a silly and ridiculous

What a silly and ridiculous comment you have written! Are you for real?? You worry about this doctor's office or waiting area? Really?? Where do you work? Do you even own an office? Let me guess - a cubicle somewhere or maybe the unemployment line? You must be a miserable person to attack this doctor when you are clearly aggravated by the results your surgeon gave you. Why not call out the doctor that messed you up instead of this guy who only gave you a consultation and opinion. You should be ashamed! He did my implants and they are awesome. You are a sore loser!

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