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'HORRIBLE. My medication makes me so tired I barely made it into the clinic. Didnt even let me finish my sentence! I had to raise my voice and tell him this is effecting my frigging job!!!! As he was trying to walk out the door on me. I know I wont have the energy to get to another doctor any time soon so I'm taking adjusting my prescription doses into my own hands in an attempt to feel better, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm forced to Wikipedia all my medications to make sure I don't accidentally end up in the hospital or something. this shouldn't happen in Canada. HORRIBLE MAN.'
Almost the same identical thing happened to me with my little girl. All he did was talk over me, wouldn't let me ask any questions and tried to leave the room before I had to talk over him to get ONE question in. Please don't think this man is any indication that all doctors are horrible. He is just one bad apple. Please be careful and try to see another doctor so you don't get hurt!

How does this guy keep his

How does this guy keep his job? He walked into the office, never introduced himself, didn't bother removing his mask. He spoke over me and didn't listen to what I had to say. Why does our money keep this guy in a job. He's supposed to work for us after all. I was ready to cut him down with giving him some lip, but then I would be the one that looked the fool. He must have a miserable existence, while we on the other hand can choose to see someone else Smiling

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