Rating Feedback for Dr. Blau (1690612)

The rating:
'My experience was different than reviews stated below . I went to see Dr Eidelson but Dr Blau came in and basically told me that I just needed PT to start with but then after Dr Eidelson came in and suggested injections , he immediately changed his approach . When I asked him why he changed his approach , he indicated that he agrees with Dr Eidelson now. The injections did not help at all'
I am sorry to hear that you did not have improvement with the injections. I strive to help my patients with conservative measures including both injections as well as PT, but unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for painful conditions, and sometimes different treatment options need to be explored. My office is always open to you, and you are more than welcome to see me for re-evaluation.
- Dr. Shimon Y. Blau, M.D.