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'STAY AWAY! Inistial visist $130, x-rays and moulds $595, spacer $2500 + lab fees. The process was aggressive and we felt like we were at a used car saleslot. We went for a second opinion and guess what - he is TWICE the price of other orthodonsists. Dr., Wienberger wouldn't let us in the back to see what was going on and only spent 5 min explaining thngs to us - the new orthnodontist? ONE HOUR and we were fully invovled - all for half the price - and he gave us a full assessment and pricing BEFORE we had to hand over money for x rays. The process at Dr. Weinberger;s office was secretive and we left with way too many questions. AWFUL!'
You make it sound like they locked you away in the basement. Perhaps you didn't ask enough questions, the right questions and maybe you didn't know that it's a specialists office. It sounds like you are angry and just want to vent. You also need to notice the red squiggles under your typing errors.

ive filed a formal complaint.

ive filed a formal complaint. you can do the same by emailing this address.

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