Rating Feedback for Dr. Mueller (929948)

The rating:
'I've been Dr. Mueller's patient for over 30 years and he's consistantly been innovative in his use of medication to ensure that I've been able to live a productive life. He can be gruff and overbearing at times but if you are ill, he's completely focused and committed to making you function well. He utilizes blood chemistry tests, brain scans, and his own extensive experience to ensure that you will be properly diagnosed and medicated. If the meds he prescribes don't help you or you have side effects, he listens to you and makes the necessary changes. He doesn't have the polish and finesse that many doctors have, but he does have something better--He's the best detective for diagnosing complex psychiatric and neurological problems and his knowledge of psychopharmacology is unparalled. I owe my life to him.'
You are so right. Aren't doctors suppose to treat the cause, not just the symptoms? He utilizes the best tests available to determine our maladies and he should be all doctors role model. He has the knowledge for successful diagnosis.