Rating Feedback for Dr. Mueller (1169608)

The rating:
'This man is mad. He has an "I am God " complex and it can emotional damage his patience when he treats them like another project he "fixed" because he is so great. He is very untouch with emotions. And perhaps he is knowledable but this man to me is absolutely dangerous.'
No, he is a genious. He is compassionate and wants to cure you, not TREAT your symptoms but to find the CAUSE of your symptoms. He is not like most doctors who don't care to find the cause of your symptoms but they only treat the symptoms. Sure he "is beside himself" but he is a 200 IQ person whom has nuerotic behaviors. But who in this world doesn't have their idiosynchrocies? The bottom line is he wants to cure all of us. Take a look at all his plaques on the wall and tell me he hasn't delved into many sciences related to human beings and to finding cures to our dilemnas. I don't mind his arrogance because I know He is the best and studied to become the best for you and me.