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The rating:
'I had a fat transfer that did not go well at all. Ended up with lumps above eyelid, sacs under eyes, and cheeks were overfilled and look very odd. I was led to believe this was a simple, safe procedure. Now I am finding out its nearly impossible to fix. Dr. Cruise acts like nothing is wrong, and I have spent a lot of money trying to have the results repaired. Do not go to him for fat transfer procedure. I don't know what he is like on other procedures.'
I got those lumps, too, and the same response, "nothing wrong." I have lumps where the fat was encapsulated. This is clearly a result of poor technique. Don't try it with this doctor. There are lots of competent plastic surgeons out there, so do not be fooled by the hype. You need a doctor who will be kind and honest after the mistake, not just before the surgery. Lack of integrity really bothers me.