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'Having recently moved to SoCal, I called Dr. Sosin's office seeking a consult to continue care for my ADHD. The receptionist's attitude on the phone was absolutely deplorable. She immediately took on a condescending tone when I told her I was uninsured, making some very offensive remarks and unnecessary assumptions. She told me that I should not waste Dr. Sosin's time scheduling an appointment because I would not be able afford the $585 consult fee. Really, lady? Really?! You ought to know better than that. It's really cute that you think you know how much money I have in the bank. Maybe you should pursue a career as a psychic instead? I truly hope Dr. Sosin finds a new receptionist if he hopes to maintain his good reputation. His staff's unprofessional attitude is NOT doing him any favors. Such a disappointment - I was looking forward to meeting him, too.'
Dr. Sosin here: My office manager, Donna, has been with me for over 20 years and is beloved by my patients. This caller has never been my patient or visited my office. Donna spent 20 minutes on the phone answering her questions, including whether I give a money-back guarantee that treatment will work and whether the caller could cancel a 2-hour first appointment at the last minute with no charge. Donna ALWAYS discusses costs and insurance coverage with all new patients, so there are no surprises when the patient reaches the office.

I have been a patient of dr

I have been a patient of dr sosin's since 2008 and that fact that anybody could call Donna "deplorable" is totally ridiculous. She is the most helpful and professional office manager i have among all my doctors. Donna has worked for dr Sosin for 20 years and is like a part of his family. I dont know what the media is telling you, but i work in healthcare and trust me when an uninsured patient walks through the door THATS A GOOD THING! It means the patient will be paying cash. Which is much easier than the office having to bill the insurance, make sure the codes are all correct, deal with patient deductibles, and it just takes less labor for the office staff when a patient pays cash. So the fact that this person felt dismissed for not having health insurance is laughable. Donna would never frown upon a person who is uninsured.

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