Which Patient Ends Up Being the Loser

I hear doctors and other medical staff are overworked.

I hear they are underpaid as well.

I hear their time is valuable.

I hear patients 'just don't get it'.

What don't patients get? Proper treatment? Understanding? Compassion? Empathy?

Do they not get there is always another patient to see? Another patient after that? Then another?

Is time is so critical patients or family members or those who care for the ill will never receive the time they need to have their questions answered? It isn't like they are asking about the weather or plans for the weekend. They are asking questions in the hope the answers provided will give them some insight as to how to help their loved one, how to make their days easier, how to help make being ill or dying a less frightening prospect.

Is that really so bad or wrong?

When my Pop was found wandering around his house, it was obvious he overdid the drink. Too many years, too much of trying to deal with life in a way which caused more harm than good. At least he tried even though it wasn't the best solution. Back then, men didn't go to the doctor. They were MEN!

The medical people were beyond kind. Keeping us informed of his condition. Advising us of what would happen next. Telling me what they were doing for him (not to him) in order to keep him comfortable. Offering us a place to rest. I can't remember every kindness they performed as it has been over 30 years. What I do remember, quite strongly, is they CARED!

If a doctor is in a hurry to proceed to the next patient, then what kind of attention is being paid to the current patient under discussion? Do the questions of the family get pushed to the side as the doctor is busy and needs to move on to his/her next patient? By the end of the day, does the final patient receive any time at all much less the time his or her family may need to have questions answered? You know, the questions we have to ask in order to care for our loved ones.

Does it ever occur to anyone questions are vital to our remaining alive? If a medicine is giving me a difficult time, I expect to be able to ask questions about it and my reaction. Never again will I allow a medical person to insist I take something I know I am allergic to just so we can see 'if the same thing happens this time'. I will tell them 'no' just like I told the doctor the first time it happened. End result...I was dropped as a patient due to 'noncompliance'. I am the one who would end up in the emergency room and who would be paying the bill. Then there is another visit to the doctor (same one, NO!) as a trip to ER is usually followed up with a visit to your primary care.

Bottom line...which patient, and caregivers, will not be given time necessary for their proper care? Perhaps how it works now will continue. Doctors will decide, prior to questions being asked, that any questions are stupid and a waste of their ever more valuable time. Then they will bash those who are only trying to live or help someone else live.

It appears to me patients are not always the ones who require care. Unfortunately, those who need it most are blinded by their power and feelings of entitlement.