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'The only reason i went to see Dr. Rival was because everyone was raving about him online.... so I assumed he was the best surgeon to do my rhinoplasty. Maybe he is the right doctor for those wanting to remove a hump or to have minor tweaks done to their nose, but he was the WRONG doctor for my nose. I wanted my nose slimmer, less prominent, and a narrower tip. He is quite conservative with his rhinoplasty, and I saw NO change in my wide, prominent nose. He blamed my "thick skin" for not achieving the results we discussed. For those of you who want a *noticeable* change, please avoid Dr. Rival. I have since then had revision rhinoplasty with another doctor, and am absolutely more than happy with my results as this doctor was able to achieve my results perfectly!'
who did your revision surgery?

i am also having a revision

i am also having a revision after rival's botched surgery. i am seeing a dr in toronto....can you tell me who you saw?

Hello, I would love to know


I would love to know who did your revision. I had the same issue with rival and would like to find a doctor who will make my nose more narrow.


Hi, I have an initial consult


I have an initial consult with Rival this week. Can you pls let me know what you had done, and how badly it turned out? Thanks!

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