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'I had liposuction done about three years ago. Dr. Barr did a brutal job on my arms. After 6 months I went back to discuss my results and he told me my arms looked this way because of my back fat. Instead of taking responsibility for his poor job he made me feel terrible about myself and tried to sell me on having more procedures done. When I told him I wanted him to fix the way my arms looks only and didn't want any further work done, he got visibly angry with me. Just before the procedure when he was marking me, I was pointing out the area, which I had done a million time before, he jabbed me with the marker and basically yelled, "This, you want this done, this is not part of your arm." I began crying at this point and cried until my husband picked me up from his clinic. I was awake during the corrective procedure the whole time crying. His nursing staff was very caring. He is a total monster and only cares about his bottom line. He is in it to make money not because he cares!'
It is very unfortunate that this patient feels this way about her experience. She had ultrasonic liposculpture of her abdomen, waist and arms in August of 2007. Pre and post operative digital images reveal a truly transformed aesthetic outcome in all treated areas. After her surgery she stated that her upper posterior shoulder area should have been considered part of her arm treatment area. It was explained that the upper posterior shoulder area is not part of the arm and is considered a separate treatment area. Extra time would have been needed to treat that area and there would have been an additional charge to cover that additional time. She was seen in the office multiple times regarding many areas of concern including shoulders, bra strap, and upper back. 18 months after her original surgery, she returned and booked SmartLipo on multiple other areas of her body. She also requested that the Smart Lipo be used on her arm area for skin tightening. As she would be undergoing other SmartLipo procedures, this extra skin tightening of the arm area was offered to her free of charge as a gesture of goodwill to a past and present client. The night before this booked surgery, for which there were staff, equipment, supplies and OR time reserved, she cancelled all of the procedures with the exception of the no charge tightening of her arm area. Despite cancelling the night before, she arrived at the facility and wanted to pursue only the no charge portion of the planned surgery, and again stated that she thought her shoulder area should have been treated originally as part of the arm area. It was once again explained to her that her shoulder is not considered part of the arm treatment area. She became very agitated. I eventually agreed to treat her shoulder at no charge as a courtesy and to diffuse the situation.

If she would agree to sign her photo consent we would be happy to place her before and after images on our website and allow the results to speak for themselves.

It is disappointing that a patient with excellent results and care would choose to anonymously discredit me. I have dedicated my professional career to providing exceptional outcomes in an honest and compassionate manner and feel that my reputation and growing patient base can attest to this fact.

This patient was discharged from my office following this event.

"I eventually agreed to treat

"I eventually agreed to treat her shoulder at no charge as a courtesy and to diffuse the situation." Well I would certainly like to see those pictures because quite frankly, they do not exist. The reason that they do not exist, is simple. My Shoulder area was NEVER done. I can't believe what I read. That is simply a lie. Yes the other areas that were done on my body did indeed produce great results; however, that was not the issue that I was referring to. My arms, on the other hand, were clearly done very poorly. The liposuction took out quite a bit of fat from my arms but there was a clear line, where the tool used, was brought to, leaving the upper portion of my arms clearly untouched. I could not wear shirts showing the upper portion of my arms. My family and friends were the ones who encouraged me to go back and to get this corrected because it was that severe. My issue started then with Dr. Barr. He told me that my arms looked that way because of back fat and not his work. He was the one who became agitated, extremely agitated to the point where he very aggressively jabbed me with the marker. I cried at that exact moment and did not stop until I left. I should have left at the moment but I was shocked wasn't able to think clearly. I NEVER agreed to have more procedures done. I was pressured into considering it for a short time. I NEVER had anything other than the corrective procedure booked EVER. Also, he discussed using a new technique called Smart lipo to correct the area, but when I told him I wasn't going to pay for additional work, he stated no way to the smart lipo as the "canulas are very expensive" and I once again had the Ultrasonic procedure done to fix the upper portion.

Dr. Barr we all make errors, that's how we learn, you're not exempt from that. It would have been nice for you to have taken responsibility and graciously fixed the issue, but instead you let your ego get into the way. Stating that you " eventually agreed to treat her shoulder at no charge as a courtesy and to diffuse the situation" is a complete lie. Says a lot about you!!!!!

If you ever find those before and after pictures of my "SHOULDER AREAS" I would love to see them. You lost A LOT of patients that day!

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