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'I saw this dr last year for a rhinoplasty revision. it was a very rushed consult, on his part. I did extensive research and thought he was the best. After my consult,I did even more research and am pleased i did not have surgery with him. His approach to each surgery is identical, and he will do it HIS way. It will be with a large radix, and will be a radical reconstruction. I required a very revision, and consulted many drs. I had my revision for 1/5 of what Dr.Toriumi charges and am very pleased. No 2 years of healing and hiding for months. I think that he is great at totally reconstructing a nose, but most people going are not in this category, even if grafts are needed as in my case. USE CAUTION.'
I am looking to have a revision surgery on my nose tip. it's been 6years since my original nose surgery, and my cartilage has started to look bumpy I have no idea who to turn to and am terrified of a bad outcome. I know there is a lot of hype surrounding Toriumi, but there are some less than great reviews! Would you mind sharing your doctor's name? thank you