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'Would definitely Run in the opposite direction. He does not care about you after he gets your money. Was never available to answer any of my question after surgery. They are known for quoting a price for you and then changing it when it comes to surgery. You are supposed to be able to come back for follow up and they release you after a couple times. I was not happy with my outcome and he wasnt available to ever see me. No one at the office would return my calls. Look at all his complaints under his name and the Better Business Bureau. I wish I had. I paid an extra $2,000 for fat injections that were gone after a month and I guess thats why they wont call me back. He has a girl working for him Cass--, and she is a BIG LIAR. She will promise you the world and than lie to cover her ass. I am so sorry I let this monster mess me up. My lips are crooked and he didnt even correct what I went there for. I wasted all that money and am sick to death about it.'
hmmmmm, something does not sound right about this posting.No medical office would ignore your calls, especially after surgery. Me thinks you are a loon!

How did a post about a bird

How did a post about a bird doctor ever make it past the filter?

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