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'Dr Harrell was above average, BUT during initial consult, felt like I was buying a used car. That never changed. It was always about the $$$. I also asked to have a skin tag removed 3X. Nope, would have to spend $1500 more for that. Don't think I would go back'
My niece made the same request of her Dr, and the office said no. There are risks associated with skin tags etc. Why would you expect a Dr to give you his time and also take on the liability of removing something from your body and not charge you? Why should he? Why would you expect him to? And as far as being in business to make money...isn't that the point? Dr harrell loves helping people, but it IS a business. Not fair to rate him on this.

What should we rate him on?

What should we rate him on? His bank account or the car he drives perhaps.

I would expect him to have

I would expect him to have done this (the DR) because the DR told me he would do it BEFORE the surgery. Then after the surgery, I questioned why it wasn't done and he said your face is like an old ship that has barnicles on it, we can fix it and he will have his staff go over the procedure. ONE SKIN TAG, $3000. That was bull, especially after between me and my friends have given this DR over$45,000, yes fourtyfive thousand dollars in 12 months. BIG MISTAKE

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