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'Maybe the worst Dr ever. 36 yr old, I had a herniated disk, L4-L5, satellite fusion surgery. One of his firsts, although he said he had done 100's, he said that I would be playing golf in 7 months ( I was a scratch player). I awoke from outpatient surgery with paralysis from the hips down. He tried to play it off as a stroke, no proof in films or readings...my atty says it was his red herring. Long story short, after about 18 months of therapy, I can walk, although not pretty and did I mention that now have to live with my mother because my wife could not deal with taking care of me. Still in constant pain, this man should not be allowed to test on cadavers!!!! The last I saw him he was squirming during the deposition. Wish me luck to remove him from the medical field of practice'
I'm sorry that you have encountered what I would consider to be a risk of surger. However, I am a strong advocate of Dr. Anagnost. He has performed fusion sugery on my L4-L5 and was extremely successful. I am a 50yr old woman whose life has been improved by his surgery. Not only has it been successful for myself but I have 2 other relatives who have been successful in spine fusion. I don't wish you luck in your endeavor to remove him from practice, he's a great surgeon. I pray for your healing and hope that you will find peace within yourself. God be with you.

I'am having the same

I'am having the same difficulty with Dr. Anagnost and the out come from the 3 surgeries he has done on me. With increased back pain, leg pain and loss of feeling in 3 toes and 1/2 of my foot at times. I've been to other Neurosurgeons who all agreed that if the 1st one was done right I wouldn't have needed the others. The last resulted in the loss of feeling. Have also found out through MRI's and CAT scan's that there is something large that has been left inside my back pressing on a nerve. If I'm really lucky that removal or attempted removal of the object might return some feeling again although they are not very optimistic since it's been there for over a year now. I saw that apparently you have an Attorney working on your case and I was wondering if you would be willing to give me his/her name since Iam also going to have to go down the same path that you are. If you are willing to let me know would you please post it on your reply page. I would appreciate your help. Thank you CL

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