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'Dr. Fetaz was fantastic until I actually had a serious problem. She proved to me that her knowledge is dodgy, completely contradicting all the books and reports I had read on a certain subject. When I went for a second and third opinion, those healthcare professionals were shocked. That should have been my clue, instead I continued seeing her. She completely mis-diagnosed my next set of symptoms, giving me a prescription for meds that I did not need, then when she finally figured out what it was (after I was presenting new symptoms), she threw drugs at me without trying to figure out the cause! I started seeing a new doctor who immediately started sending me for tests. Turns out I had cancer. If I had stayed with Dr. Fetaz, I likely would be dead right now.'
Somehow this rating does not ring true. If someone truly almost died of cancer due to a doctors negligence it would seem that they would do more that simply complain on this site. I think this is an example of dramatic license. One of the failings of this site is that there is no way to verify any of the "facts" or even if the rater is a patient.

This is, in fact, in no way

This is, in fact, in no way an exaggeration. What makes you think that other courses of action are not being pursued? Leaving a complaint on this website is merely one step of informing people of this doctor's negligence. It seems to me you make far too many assumptions, considering you have no idea the specifics of my case. I was as vague as possible in my description as to not compromise any further dealings I have with this doctor. If there is any 'untruth' in my previous writing, it is simply the fact that we have no way of knowing if I would have been dead by now or had been able to fight it longer if it had not been caught by the specialist.

As I said - vague "untruths"!

As I said - vague "untruths"!

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