Blue Hat or Vtech learning laptops which would you choose

I purchased Vtech learning laptops for my friends four year old twins, it is pink and has 20 learning functions it was $ 25.00 at Walmart.....

but I went to Shoppers Drug store and found the Blue Hat learning laptopn - it is grey - has 32 learning functions on it and it is $ 14.00

which one would you choose

really the only difference is the Vtech has bright cheery colors where as the Blue Hat is plain....

I bought both and now am questioning which ones I should keep and which ones I should take back..

Grrrr shopping sometimes can be hard........

your comments are appreciated

VTech has better name

VTech has better name recognition and, I believe, a wider variety of extension packs (I think that is what they are called) available. The Blue Hat sounds like a knock off brand. Just because it has more features does not mean those features are as robust or the toy as well made.

As for which one I would chose, I honestly don't know. I don't have enough information. If it were me, I'd only get the V-Techs if A) I could easily afford them; B) 50.00 (plus cost of batteries) didn't seem like a huge amount of money to my friend and/or C) my friend and I were extremely close. Otherwise, I might look at other possible gifts.

But that is just my gift giving philosophy.

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