Rating Feedback for Dr. Arani (1427369)

The rating:
'when i saw dr arani i was very skeptical. before you make the drive here are a few things i went through: he has an all female staff very young aged, hope you don't get embarrassed easily cause he will call them in to "help" without asking if your comfortable. they don't even do anything you yourself couldn't do. (ex. spreading your cheeks to the side) another thing is the whispering while your in the room. a lot of whispering went on while i was laying on the table completely vulnerable. however, he did seem to be very knowledgable,friendly, and accredited, he will not have sympothy for those who cannot afford his procedure. he charges 100 to 300 each wart depending on the size. i myself had dozens and he decided to not count them but give me an outrageous overall price of 15 thousand dollars. me being 24 and had tried everything else decided to go for it. it is still day 1 so i cannot give you my full review. my advice is at least get a 50 consult cause the condition will get worse.'
Have you had luck with the treatment Dr Arani performed on you? I'd love some feedback because I just had the treatment done 2 days ago on 11/22/11.