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'I couldnâ??t disagree more with the comment 2 below. Dr smith answered all my questions in detail, providing me with his estimate of success for every part of the operation. Something the other 2 surgeons I saw never even mentioned! While I waited my 20 minutes to see him I was able to see a couple of his after surgery results sitting in the waiting room. I donâ??t know what they looked like before, but they both looked great after. Iâ??m very happy with his care. My nose is excellent in both shape and breathing. Iâ??d recommend him without reserve. Heâ??s clearly excellent at what he does, and I believe he genuinely cares about his patients and their outcomes. Chris Dove'
Hello, I'm Lidia.. I am planning to do the revision rhinoplasty with Dr.Smith.. However, initially I wanted to do it with Philip Solomon.. Most of the comments about Smith are very good, most of the comments about Solomon are bad.. I am really afraid of doing it for the second time.. I've read a lot, hopefully, it is real ppl with a real experience.. Is it possible to see his job on you.. maybe on skype, it would really help me to make a final decision..
My nose was done in China, they put implants in it, which should not be done.. Oakley is planning to remove them and if there is no infection, perform a revision rhinoplasty.. It is a face, not smth that could be covered with cloth..I am very afraid..I would appreciate ur help very much! I can be reached by e-mail:

or Skype: sweet-shop. Hope to hear from you soon.

@Lidia I had 2 previous


I had 2 previous surgeries over last 12 years and will need another revision. I had a brief consultation with Dr. Solomon and did not feel confident at all about his suggestions.

Dr.Smith will charge much more, and even though more expensive surgery does not always guarantee better results, doing revision is not something you want to be saving the money on.

In my personal opinion, going with Dr. Solomon is not an option for complicated revision.

Thx for the reply, I

Thx for the reply, I appreciate it Smiling I've booked a surgery with Dr. Smith, I am having it in a couple of days))

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