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'DR SACKS is absolutely the WORST DOCTOR I have ever come in contact with. RUN! He is rude, uncaring, will not even make eye contact and acts like he is irritated to see a new patient. I have a diagnosed pain condition and he told me their was nothing wrong and it was almost like he was getting his jollies out of making a smart ass comment about every thing I said and my medical conditons. I left the office crying my eyes out and felt violated. He violated me in more ways than one and I am taking actions now. Please for the sake of your sanity do not step foot in this office! cont. I waited over an hour and his staff manager manipulated me in giving her $500 dollar cash and told me lies! I am seriously upset and frustrated I was treated extremely horribly by this doctor and should have known that any doctor that has openings the day off calling for an apt is NOT a GOOD ONE...HORRIBLE, IT WAS A HORRIFYING EXPERIENCE'
I was there with this patient and all she did was beg Dr. Sacks to give her drugs. Good for Dr. Sacks that he refused to give drugs to a person who obviously didn't need them!

I AGREE. Not only is he the

I AGREE. Not only is he the WORST doctor that I’ve ever seen, Dr. Sacks is one of the rudest, most condescending, unprofessional, sadistic, little man that I have EVER had the displeasure of seeing. I have NEVER been treated by any physician with such complete disrespect ever before in my life, His knowledge base is non-existent, he knew absolutely NOTHING about my condition, lied to my face then called me a liar when I corrected him. He either could not or would not answer the most simple medical question and repeatedly told me to shut up whenever I tried to speak to him as I would any doctor.

He forces patients to have expensive medical procedures and painful unnecessary injections just so he can bill Medicare more and he takes sadistic delight when ramming 6 inch long needles into patients sensitive areas full of some crap that does nothing but make me feel sick. He forces patients to purchase expensive medications that are completely useless and serve only one purpose – to earn him money from pharmaceutical companies for pushing them on us. This quack surely suffers from some type of psychological disorder and should not be ANYWHERE near any patients.

He pays his staff to write ridiculous, completely untrue reviews about him that make very little sense if you read them correctly. Notice how all of the bad comments have responses by members of his staff? Don’t believe ANY of the good comments you read about this jerk because they are all posted by his young staff members – read ‘em and you’ll see. As for the reply to jennyostro saying that she was there and that this patient was drug seeking is complete bs. EVERYONE that goes to see a PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTOR IS DRUG SEEKING – that’s why we are ALL THERE. That’s why HE IS IN BUSINESS and I wouold be willing to bet my eye teeth on the fact that HE is a JUNKIE HIMSELF.

If you need any support Jenny, I’ll be happy to back you up as I too am taking legal action against this disgusting excuse for a physician.

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