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'The Gift that Keeps on Giving.... In January of 2006, I was faced with a medical dilemma that could no longer be ignored. I was a medical mess! I turned to the internet to search for a surgeon. Experience, skill, training, and proof of results were not enough for me. When I found Dr. Zide, I found a man with a passion for his calling in life, who was a confident, caring and compassionate surgeon. Dr. Zide had the â??bedside mannerâ?? to complete the picture. I traveled from North Carolina within weeks to have the surgery. The rest is history...Dr. Zide gave me a new beginning in life! Immediately, I was free of pain and I was happy with my new look! Yes, I paid for these 3 procedures to repair my face, but I did not realize what a gift Dr. Zide had given me. I gained so much more! Dr. Zide repaired my face and gave me the confidence to grow with my new look. Now as I find some men giving me the eye , I smile inside and thank Dr. Zide!'
Dr. Barry M. Zide, DMD, MD is an unscrupulous businessman. A manipulative salesman. A sadistic physician. A brutal surgeon. A man without a conscience. A temperamental, egotistical, morally repugnant misanthrope who regards thoughtfulness and compassion as weaknesses to be avoided in oneself, but to be tapped and exploited in others. A heartless pompous ass, insensitive to the suffering of others--deaf to the cries of those left crippled and in pain by his outrageous surgeries. Quick to cast doubt on the ability of other doctors in order to win patients to himself. Memorizes passages from self-help, self-empowerment writings, then uses them in conversation, passing them off as his own to impress his listeners. Answers his own office phone. When people call and don't leave messages on his answering machine he immediately calls them back to snap at them. Office located in the basement of a NYC apartment building. Charges exorbitant fees. Performs ghoulish face surgeries in a space that resembles a small dental office. Uses sedation and anesthesia similar to what is used by dentists performing routine dental procedures. Sometimes goes around his office with a loaded hand gun on his belt (a Glock). Thinks nothing of wearing it during patient consultations, even drawing it out of the holster just for the heck of it. For a time he wouldn't let patients sit directly on his couch. He would first place a black seat cushion on the couch. Patients had to sit on the cushion. When patients failed to sit on it, he yelled at them. He stopped using the seat cushion when patients complained about it on the internet. He can be charming long enough to collect his fee and put a patient on his operating table. After that the charm dries up. Dismisses patients who complain about the terrible effects of his surgeries by attributing their complaints to mental disorders. On several websites his negative reviews have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared and then, just as suddenly, been replaced by numerous positive reviews, reviews that have more in common with paid advertizements than with credible patient reviews. A shameless conman. A dangerous quack. A total sleaze.

"The gift that keeps on

"The gift that keeps on giving"? "Experience, skill, training, and proof of results were not enough" for you? What did it take? Did Zide have to change water into wine? "Immediately" you were free of pain? You expect us to believe that immediately after a surgery that you are free from pain? You write as though you have never had a surgery. You sure it wasn't the resurrected Jesus Christ who did your surgery? Your review is hogwash. It reads like a TV commercial for Barry Zide. It reads like Barry Zide wrote it himself. Your review is nonsense.

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