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'One of the worst experiences I've ever had with a health professional. Came in for my appointment, after not being fully informed (even though I asked) about exactly what procedure I was about to undergo, and he proceeded to provide me with a lengthy explanation of why my previous dentist (I've recently moved to Calgary) "did not know what he was doing," and shoved a Q-tip with numbing gel in my mouth while I was talking to him - without any warning! I then told him that I was not comfortable with not knowing exactly what was going on and saw that he had the syringe of local anesthetic in his other hand, ready to go. I have anxiety when I don't know what kind of procedure is being done to me, so I asked him what he was about to do and if it would hurt a lot and he said "I've done this exact same procedure on 2834 other patients in the 27.8 years that I've been practicing, and your individual experience of this procedure will depend on your brain and how your brain interprets it."'
Yeah i now use this as a classic example of freaking out.
We had a q tip with topical on it to prepare for the injection of anesthetic. She went nuts. I use this now for the kids that a 23 year old would behave this way and they laugh and help me complete the procedure easily. They like to know that adults are more fearful so they relax. I treated 3 kids on Sunday and this worked like a charm.

Another smear. Dr. Scott you

Another smear. Dr. Scott you don't need to defend your position. These posts are clearly been written by someone in the dental profession, or someone exposed to the dental profession terminology and ethics (a disgruntled employee, an ex of the doctor's or one of his family members). As a dental professional myself I have had the lovely occasion of meeting this honest and dedicated man. Pleas, Please do not believe these negative posts. I have never seen this doctor as a patient so can only go on professional opinion. If only some of the patients of the truly horrible dentists I have worked for in my 32 year would post to their RateMDs this would be a much more accurate forum.

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