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'Absolutely the worst dentist I have ever been to. Although I mentioned to the receptionist on making the appt that I was scared of dentists, he did not care. I told him repeatedly that I didn't like dentists and he again - did not care. Unprofessional dress (torn, dirty scrubs and slippers on his feet), attitude, staff (staff member loudly complaining about double-booking patients) and office (receptionist not notifying the dentist that the new patient was scared of dentists)! Billed my insurer incorrectly too.'
I am surprised by this. You can rate me. I deal with difficult patients everyday. Sometimes someone tops the rest as far as being difficult. Sometimes a patient is not that-"patient". Like all people sometimes there is someone who is a royal pain and I have a limit to the amount I can cater to their wackiness. So, I guess I ticked off someone with a computer. Today I worked on a multitude of difficult people. Yes, one I chose not to continue and treat. They were over the top.

Again a classic example of a

Again a classic example of a dentalphobic freakout. When you tell me that you are fearful, "yeah it is no big deal"; hear that 10 times a day. Just another day. So try and criticize me. By the way I work for the clinic. They handle the billing.
I am sure it is your opinion of everything. You sound like a complainer/freakout that is hard for anyone to treat. I treat 8 to 10 a day and so one less who thinks we have "something special for the patient who is so rude and nasty that they start the appointment with "I hate dentist." What is the positiveness in this? Try this. Try thinking. What do you need to do to overcome your fears and work with the dentists for a good result instead of being such a negative person????

This is clearly a smear

This is clearly a smear campaign. I have not seen to this doctor as a patient but have met him in a professional setting. He is a decent, honest and caring man. This negative rating was clearly written by a dental professional - there is just a tad too much dental lingo in the post. Please don't believe all the negatives you see on this site.

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