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'Had 4 projedures done the main 2 being a tummy tuck and breast reduction. I am very very happy with the outcome. To anyone considering any sort of cosmetic surgery it's important to trust the doctor as surgery is surgery. I would not have elected to have Dr. Backstein as my surgeon had I not had the trust factor.'
I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction a year ago One breast is larger then the other which can happen no problem he will do a breast revision My tummy tuck scar is horrible It looks like the way I was stitched up is what has made the scar look really bad I am a good healer with scarring I remember when I saw the incision after the surgery I was shocked at how awful the scar looked but thought I would give it a full year to heal and then judge Well a year has gone by and the scar isn't much better so I know it's the way I was stitched up that caused this for sure now I picked Dr Backstein to be my plastic surgeon as he got the best ratings on here compared to other doctors but I guess that wasn't enough to look at this site and pick a surgeon I am upset a year later as I was able to compare tummy tuck scars with a friend who had hers done around the same amount of time and her's is thin and light My scar is still very red and large My body doesn't heal that way so I am pretty upset