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'many years ago, Dr. Landsman screwed up my nose. I wish I had sued him--didn't think of it until it was too late. I'm surprised he's still in practice..My nose was so crooked, my septum was showing and I couldn't breathe through it. His response was "would you rather have a nice nose or be able to breathe?" My response was, "I'd like to do both." I had it fixed by a school-mate of his (unbeknowst to me at the time, but ironic). What a kook. Watch out if you're thinking about going to him for a rhinoplasty!'
whomever you are, why do you cut the crap. You are the same person who had another posting about your 2 botched nose jobs. Maybe you are suffering from the same problem that michael jackson sufferred from, an unrealistic expectation to turn your unsightly nose into a beautiful one and you lost perspective expecting miracles. I know dr landsman is always willing to do touch up surgery to try to improve his results. It is not done in bad faith or maliciously as you try to portray it in your childish rantings and slanderous postings. So you went to some ent bull**** artist who probably committed insurance fraud so you could feel better about your sad life and at no cost he becomes your hero. Congratulations for you.

I had exactly the same

I had exactly the same experience as the person above... when my nasal valves collapsed, after a "touch up" surgery, Dr. Landsman told me "well, you have to choose between breathing and looking good". Unfortunately, I couldn't breathe and was left disfigured- same thing, hanging columella (septum showing). The ENT "bull**** artist" who reconstructed my nose is a world famous nasal reconstruction specialist in Manhattan (I was turned away by several ENT's on Long Island because the damage was so severe they didn't think they could help). And the insurance fraud.... well as we all know, corrective medical procedures, even if medically necessary, are not covered by insurance if they are a result of elective cosmetic surgery... so like me, the woman above probably paid out of pocket, which is for me $40k and counting, to restore her breathing. Dr. Landsman clearly knows he is unskilled and unable to perform rhinoplasty and should be banned from doing so.

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