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'Thanks to Dr,Landsman and my girl friends who have chose to use him as well for their surgerys ,Im am more then confident enough to trust him with my body and my future procedures. To the women or men who had issues and problems with Dr landsman I`m sure you did not follow the proper protocols for your surgerys, their is only so much the doctors has control of and is responsible for! Looking forward to blog more comments about how happy I am going to feel after all my work is finished!!!!!!! Dr,Landsman rocks! and my girls friends look SEXYY thanks again!'
i could not agree more, he is simply the best plastic surgeon i know.

First of all, learn to spell.

First of all, learn to spell. Second of all, this rating was left by someone who works for Dr. Landsman, or a third party "online reputation salvaging" company. Third of all, I find it highly unlikely that all of the women who Dr. Landsman disfigured and infected failed to follow the proper protocols for their SURGERIES. The problem is actually that we DID follow his instructions, which are far out of line with standard medical procedure and the accepted standard of care. Ignoring an infection until you are hospitalized with MRSA is not what a doctor should do... nor is instructing a patient to hold their nose on their face with medical tape. Dr. Landsman is inept and unskilled at best, he is negligent, dangerous and a disgrace to the medical profession... at least until his license is revoked.

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