Rating Feedback for Dr. Smith (1549820)

The rating:
'After a thorough search on the net and reading this site with its' glowing reviews on Dr.S., I booked an appointment. I waited an hour to see him and when I went in he was irritated and impatient. I was expecting someone friendly and kind after these reviews. He let me ask questions but gave me vague answers,didn't address my questions, promised to send me my pictures, never sent them, although I said I was willing to pay his full price of $7000 for a septo-rhinsoplasty and would go ahead with him as my surgeon.In short-he and his secretary are very helpful in booking the consulation of $200, but after waiting and filling out the forms with my family doctor, I never heard from either of them, or received my pictures.In my experience, I found him unprofessional, unfriendly and dishonest- since I paid for a service I never received. As one reviewer said-"if he was dishonest with us- he might be with others too"- I agree with it.Perhaps he dislikes coloured or ethnic people or our money.'
it is unfortunate that your consultation experience was bad,
but to suggest that Dr. Smith "dislikes ethnic people" is too much, isn't his secretary is "ethnic?"