Rating Feedback for Dr. Bloomquist (1432548)

The rating:
'Bloomquist swept me under-the-mat after SERIOUS post-op complications. He is an arrogant, rushed man running a cookie-cutter assembly line, only with peoples teeth and faces. No computer measurements pre-op, he held a ruler and a protractor "in-the-air" against my jaw. Close enough! Now put a saw in this guy's hands! He was said to be 'the best' by more than one referral. Maybe 20 years ago, certainly not today. To add insult to injury, His wife is in the dental field and (after my complications and resulting oral disfigurement) was at one of my Doctor's Offices as an observer - she took a keen, keen interest in wanting to look over the shoulder of my Dr to 'see' all the ruin. At this low point in my life, after so much damage done her cold clinical curiosity made me feel like a lab rat. The person working on me kept her away during subsequent appts. Don't get surgery if you can help it; if you do don't use this man. I now have 4 teeth that are toast & missing front gums.'
Is there nothing you can do about this? How do they get away with this?