Rating Feedback for Dr. Hilinski (1512981)

The rating:
'Dr. Hilinski performed a revision rhinoplasty on me some years ago, and while the doctor made an excellent morph photo to give me a realistic expectation, the result came out with multiple severe deformities (pollybeak, saddle deformity, twisted columella, extremely bulbous graftings, collapse, an overall injured, sickly look) and is much worse than my primary surgery. It does not look one atom like the expected goal, and Dr. Hilinski has since performed Injectable Fillers to my nose, which only made the problems, including scar tissue, worse. He has never seemed intelligent and has always refused to give me the truth (or a refund). My surgical records are also extremely lacking in information, and other professionals have told me that my result is both botched and that my medical records show negligence. Please, please avoid this surgeon if you want a professional result.'
hey, I had considered Dr. Hilinski for a revision rhinoplasty but after reading your response I am reluctant..did you end up having another revision? any recommended surgeons?? thank you!!