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'While I wish I was the only one who suffered at the hands of Dr. Landsman, unfortunately, this is not the case. PLEASE DO NOT TRUST YOUR BODY OR YOUR LIFE TO THIS ****. If you are unsure of the validity of the horror stories below, I encourage you to follow this link: http://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/webcivil/FCASSearch and search for cases where Dr. Landsman is the defendant. You will find 12 malpractice cases, the most recent of which settled for $190,000 in May 2011. I don't understand how this man still has his medical license, or why he isn't in jail. If you make the mistake of choosing Dr. Landsman, be prepared for unbearable pain, disfigurement, and tens of thousands of dollars in reconstructive surgeries. I am permaneantly disfigured and paying off $45k in medical bills for reconstructive surgery. Dr. Landsman ruined my life, and the lives of many other women. He has no business being a doctor and should be in jail. Please, please do not let him hurt you.'
these comments are from an untrained, uncredentials unboard certified competitor who hac committed slander with these untruthful comments and will suffer the legal consequences of such damaging lies. The link shows no cases in the courts and thus is a slander. Moreove his sister and father provided this information which is not even listed yet.

These comments are not from a

These comments are not from a competitor. They are from a disfigured victim. The link is to the page where you can search for dr. Landsman's many cases, so it is not slander. Just an honest warning that can be verified. Whoever is replying to the horror stories regarding dr. Landsman should take a course in civil law and grammar. Don't let dr. Landsman's busy legal defense team scare you from sharing your story. If it is true, its not slander. This is a desperate attempt by a doctor whose mistakes are catching up with him.

you are a lying libelous

you are a lying libelous person there are no such cases on that link and if you are disfigured show and name yourself

borusmd wrote: you are a

borusmd wrote:

you are a lying libelous person there are no such cases on that link and if you are disfigured show and name yourself

You demand the poster show and name themselves yet you are here under the name of borusmd. Are you the doctor being discussed and, if so, be upfront and honest about it. Are you a member of staff or family? Are you a patient attempting to discredit someone you don't even know?

Your own comments are libelous. They could also be taken as defamation of character.

Also, run-on sentences, lack of grammar and misspellings make your posts difficult to read much less believe. Are you the cause of many of the ratings of this doctor to be 'under review'?

"borusmd" has been a member

"borusmd" has been a member of this forum for 1 day and 21 hours (at the time I'm replying to this thread). The responses to the truthful comments from myself and others have been replied to, and the 5 new positive reviews have all been left within this time period. Isn't that interesting? Obviously, Dr. Landsman has hired someone to diffuse the comments here.

I will show myself... in court, when Dr. Landsman has to own up to what he did to me. In the mean time, I'm trying to figure out how to add images to posts so I can show exactly what he did to me.

My attorneys have made it clear to me that any information I post here, as long as it is truthful, is not slander or libel or anything of the sort. Don't let him bully you, tell your story and save another woman from the horror we went through.

show who you are you libelous

show who you are you libelous fraud. What is your problem that you go to the point of libel to discredit a skilled surgeon who is a finer human being. Show your photos but make sure they are real as the libel can take on so many dimensions. Who are you, creepy faceless victim, so hurt by your experience. Are you lacking success in life and thus you get off on the shield of this website. Come forward so the libel suit can be defended you shy child, cruelly intended hero. Name yourself so the legal process may begin right away instead of cloaked behind this horrific false attempt at freedom of speech and free flow of information ms nasaldisaster!

Like I said, nothing is

Like I said, nothing is slander or libel if it's true. I am a highly successful professional whose only mistake in life was to trust dr. Landsman. I don't enjoy telling my story, it's extremely painful. My goal is to spare other women the pain and ruin dr. Landsman has caused myself and the other plaintiffs in his malpractice lawsuits.

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