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'6 month post-op final review: The results are quite ugly. Pre-op was a very brief 5 minute consultation during which there was not even remotely enough time spent on discussing the issues and possible approaches to solve the issues. The surgery was done very safely but the outcome is quite ugly and in absolutely no way can be accepted as a final best possible result. Knowing the outcome, personally I would have went elsewhere since the result so far is a loss of 6 months of my time and $7500 of savings with so much left to be done. Not nearly as good as painted on this and some other sites, and I can vouch for every single word in this review.'
see my natural artistic result on realself

I'm sorry to hear your

I'm sorry to hear your procedure didn't go well. I was luckier I guess...
Hope you find a resolution that you're happier with.
What I've learned from this experience with rhinoplasty is that there are no guarantees. Sure a good surgeon should increase the chances of having a good result but no one can predict how your body will respond to surgery. We all heal differently and that has a big impact on outcome. No one ever talks about that. Not the websites or the surgeons. No surgeon will intentionally want to screw up and someone like Rival has got to know what he's doing but sometimes things go wrong. I looked like an alien post op and totally panicked. Luckily my nose has healed reasonbly well and it's looking pretty good now - 13 weeks post op. It's not picture perfect but it is definitely an improvement and I have no regrets in having undergone the surgery. They show all these celebrities in the media having surgery like it's nothing but it's a BIG deal and not all outcomes are positive even in the most capable hands...good luck

appreciate the input, but my

appreciate the input, but my personal outcome has nothing to do with unrealistic expectations or healing issues, the fact is that the outcome is aesthetically absolutely hideous.

nothing to do with "intentionally screwing up" either, i simply went thru a chop shop in Southlake Medical Center where 3 people (myself included) were operated on the same day in the space of 3 hrs by Dr Rival.

hence my surgery ended up a badly underresected quickie with an eggplant as a final result.

if he'd spent an extra hour doing precise cutting,
it would have been a reasonable result

guess he's just been to busy that day

I'm sure you're not looking

I'm sure you're not looking for sympathy but I feel so badly for you. I don't want to even imagine what it would feel like if you look in the mirror everyday and dislike what you see knowing you paid big bucks for it.
Are you willing to share your pics? Where are you with Dr. Rival? Is he willing to do your revision?

artistic result is on

artistic result is on realself, search for "dmplg", looks worse now since it drooped a little

as for revision, i wouldn't trust that SCHMICHELANGELO guy to clip my toenails

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