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Jihad, really?? Just one?? Your patients Don Sp., Lynn Ch., Don Li., Joe Gr., Christine Ru., Dennis Wa., Daniel Ga., David An., Benjamin Ha. all suffered permanent and devastating injuries. Christine is barren from her selfless act to donate a kidney; Joe lost his one chance for normalcy and an escape from dialysis. All of the other men suffer total impotence, severe incontinence, and other major injuries, some life threatening. Dan Ga was given a 50% chance of survival after your "non-invasive" surgery. These are only the individuals who have come forward. How many others? You suggest that one person suffered a perforated bowel, impotence (male), incontinence, destruction of donor kidney, was left barren (female), sepsis, kidney failure, heart failure, ileostomy, loss of bowel due to surgical injury, Peyronies disease, unreported blood loss, diseased prostate tissue left in patient, etc? One patient, Jihad? Ludicrous! You stated a volume experience of approximately 1000 open and 1000 robotic prostatectomies in 2007 when in fact court documents reveal 0 open and approximately 400 robotic prostatectomies. You stated outcomes for preservation of continence and potency of 95-99% to these patients knowing your outcomes were far less. You promised me and many of these patients that only you would do their surgery. And yet, in violation of my informed consent, Cleveland Clinic states residents did much of the surgery unsupervised in my case, as was "customary." Why do you refuse to produce your credentials requested through the court? This, your "silk stocking" legal team paid from $1.8B annual patient revenue at the Cleveland Clinic, and burdensome Ohio tort reform result in your malpractice case "success" not your innocence. Your lack of board certification would prevent you from practicing in a VA or military hospital as a staff surgeon. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services investigated my case and determined “deficiencies cited are significant and limit your hospital’s capacity to render adequate care and to ensure the health and safety of your patient.” If you cared about your patients as much as you care about embellishing your vitae with tertiary authorships of medical articles, and your conflict of interest relationships with Intuitive and others, perhaps many of your patients would not have been permanently injured in "your" surgeries. Jihad, please remove references to USNews/Castle Connolly top doctors where your name does not appear http://health.usnews.com/top-doctors.
This comment is represented as coming from a patient, "DR KAOUK HAVE NO MALPRACTICE CASES PENDING. FURTHER, HE NEVER SETTLED A CASE AND NEVER LOST A CASE IN OVER 12 YEARS IN PRACTICE WITH THOUSANDS OF COMPLEX SURGERIES DONE REFERRED FROM ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES. " Did Jihad Kaouk tell this patient how the Cleveland Clinic's huge legal team has come to his defense in malpractice suits for permanently injuring his patients? Does this Kaouk patient have a difficult time writing the English language, similar to Jihad Kaouk’s difficulty in speaking the English language? This patient failed to mention that Jihad has no board certification 18 years after graduating from a foreign medical school. Why?

Kaouk has destroyed the lives

Kaouk has destroyed the lives of many unsuspecting patients. Read doctors ratings at doctorsdig.com, [another website], USNews doctors ratings, kidneytransplantkiller.com, and http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2011/12/20/133609/hhs-rules-secrecy-protect-doctors.html. Sadly, the devastation to many victims and Kaouk's real credentials are concealed with the "privacy" legislated by tort reform and the the $500M medical lobby to obstruct litigation and redress of damages. Perhaps the superlative "best" comments on this site written in "broken English" were entered by Jihad Kaouk. What patient would defend his doctor on this site from lawsuits brought by many of Kaouk victims?

Dr. Kaouk helped develop

Dr. Kaouk helped develop robotic prostate and kidney surgery?

What exactly does that mean?

Medical negligence;

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