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one more negative rating from the same person !!

I know this commentator and

I know this commentator and have reviewed the medical records of donor and recipient. I can "attest" to the accuracy and truthfulness of the comments. Additionally, KEPro investigated this case and found "the standard of care was not met."

GHA => GHAd => GiHAd => jiHAd

GHA => GHAd => GiHAd => jiHAd => JIHAD Kaouk. GHA (also GHA1) suggests that all of these injured patients are "one person." GHA also has detailed knowledge of JIHAD's embellished credentials which can only be found in patient's ratings of experiences. Why does JIHAD withhold his credentials requested through court documents? JIHAD is not listed in US NEWS doctors ratings as he claims. JIHAD is not board certified. What are JIHAD's credentials?

Medical negligence;

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