Rating Feedback for Dr. Nasseri (1497222)

Actually, fake and nice don't exist together in the same person. She does have a glib, superficial charm. She is "rushed" because she tries to fit in as many visits per day as possible. To achieve this, visits are kept as brief as possible, and examining is done only when absolutely unavoidable, because it takes time and time is money. It took me 4 visits to get properly examined for my latest issue. This behaviour is a rip-off to the system and a danger to patients, but a benefit to doctors, giving them lots of travel money. Dr Nasseri's memory problem is nothing short of bizarre. To her, our health conditions, visits and reports are so inconsequential that she doesn't remember any of it, but to us it our health and our lives. How can you sustain longitudinal care when the doctor has no memory? And patients get blamed for doctor hopping! Speaking of her files, one day I asked to see mine and I was horrified to see catty remarks like "picking at finger nails" "frazzled" and "angry". She has no right or ability to assess my mental state. At my last visit I made the mistake of complaining about how sick I am 365 days a year. Well, this made her true colors come out, and they are not pretty. She informed me that I had received "excellent medical care" and now it was a CHOICE not to let my pain get to me. She informed me that some people have cancer and that I can still walk, and that my pain was NEVER GOING TO GO AWAY. Devastated, I went home and cried. She has disdain rather than compassion for my suffering. It's too bad they've done away with that silly Hippocratic Oath that they used to make doctors take. At my last visit she called my disease by the WRONG NAME! After three years she doesn't even know what I have! I gathered my jaws up off the floor and left.
A study has revealed that in 90% of interactions doctors have with their patients they fail to show empathy. This is not acceptable! In fact, without caring first why would you follow with proper doctoring? People are, of course, trying to theorize about what is wrong with today's doctors. Maybe they are burned out ... a theory that falls apart when you consider that they seem to be emerging burned- out right out of medical school. Maybe they are over worked... a theory that falls apart when you consider that an older doctor wrote to the paper recently stating that increased numbers of physicians are failing to improve patient care, since it would take three of these new doctors to equal one of the real doctors of the past. My theory is that today's doctors suck because they can, and I guess they have no pride in their profession anymore. No one is checking up on what they do-there is just no quality control. They are free to share and employ self-serving, revenue increasing tricks rather than trying to give the best patient care possible.Yeah, I am angry.But underneath that I am very sad. I needed to be under the care of a doctor and now I dont have one again.