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I am writing because I am in the same exact situation. After an anterior lumbar fusion, I have severe nerve pain in my legs and can barely stand or walk much. The surgery was at L5/S1 and the guess is that I have an impingement in that area, although, just like yourself, it is not showing on an MRI. (I've had numerous injections and the nerve stimulator trial). Dr. Filler seems to be my only hope. (I hope I can come up with the funds and the dog and pony show nonsense).

Can you please tell me exactly what nerve source was causing your problem and what type of surgery they did to correct it?
I would really appreciate your response, thanks a million!

Hi Suzie, I had two failed

Hi Suzie,
I had two failed back surgeries at L5S1 in 09+10 with numerous injections before and after ... I had the MRN neurography report done by Dr Filler in 2010 that
showed nerve impingement at L5s1, but did not feel comfortable going to Dr Filler in CA for advice .... Now almost 3 years after my 1st surgery Im still have severe
constant pain in my left leg and foot, goes from level 4-8 with activity... Lately not only burning in foot but numbness from calf to top of my leg ....
Just recently tried stimulator trial and that just made pain worse irritated the area ....

Can you let me know if you have had any success with any procedures, I am considering alternative methods ----surgery or other pain management solutions
because this has been going on long enough....


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