Blank ratings


I would like to thank the site for allow people to truly rate Drs, as in my opinion is important to have feedback from others in order to have enough info about the Dr, that you have.

However, as I was rating one of my Drs I found this particular case in were 2 ratings were totally in blank, I mean people when to the rating section, press 111111 and did not made any comment at all. I think this kind of actions will be not appropriate because the real feedback just can happen when you have an experience with the Dr. and you can comment in that, the blank comments therefore can present the impression that the person making this actions are just playing, been against the Dr. and totally unethical.

I therefore command the administrators of the site to check in this ratings and for those to be removed. Also I found not way to flag this ratings, nor the other ones in were I was not agree with the comments, or I wanted to made a reply. It seems that just the positive comments were available with flags, but the negative did not have any option for the users of the site to make any comments. Fair and OK will be to have both positive and negative ratings with flags, so people can have options and opinions about it.