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'If you have TMJ, don't go here! They "rope you in" and NOTHING is covered by insurance! Then, convince you to sign up for Care Credit. Just a consultation is $300! RIDICULOUS! They convince you to get CT for another $300! After that they give you the entire low down on how much it will cost $3,780! After you go through three months/250 injections, its $2,800 more for Botox injections in your jaw, which you may need more treatments in the future. This is a grand total of $6,580 and it's not guaranteed to work! Not once did they try and explore options to see if they work first, for instance using their $2,800 splints before treatment. Which by the way ... who charges $1,400 for ONE splint? Absurd! I've been to another doctor since and they are way more caring about finances and are not in it for JUST money! This guy is full of himself because he's been on "Your Life A to Z", great actor! All this Dr. Stan Farrell wants is your money! Do yourself a favor, research other doctors first!'
I too am going through a similar situation with this "doctor". Did he even help your situation at all? I need as much leverage and proof as I can get. Please help me.

I had a similar, horrible

I had a similar, horrible experience with this doctor as well. Please contact me.

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